Lightweight Public Git Self Hosting

Public git self hosting can be desirable for a number of reasons, but you may not want the expense and maintenance burden of a GitLab or other ‘full-service’ git hosting options, so this article discusses a lightweight option for a browsing or cloning your git repositories via HTTP/HTTPS (web), as well as pushing, pulling, cloning, etc using SSH.

At the very least it gives you a way to keep a backup you control of your valuable source code and documents that are also on a large central service.

Edit-Test-Website CI/CD Lifecycle Demonstration

Tools Used For this demonstration we show the use of Visual Studio Code We also use GitHub And Netlify Before Website Creating a Commit Create a Branch Not shown here, but you should create a separate branch to create a pull request. Edit the Post Stage Your Changes Not shown here, but you should ‘stage’… Continue reading Edit-Test-Website CI/CD Lifecycle Demonstration

Introduction to Git and GitHub

An Introduction to Git & GitHub based on a presentation I created for a group of fellow Makers at the MakerPlace at the Midland Public Library in Midland, Ontario. It is based on, but not a conversion of, a PowerPoint presentation.