Archived: New OldNew Mashup Theme (Hugo)

For kicks I’ve decided to have a live version of an archived project I was working on. It is a website theme I was creating for the Hugo static website generator. Since I decided to move away from Hugo-based websites, I archived the project, but I think it’s still interesting to see how it was… Continue reading Archived: New OldNew Mashup Theme (Hugo)

Domain Updated

You may notice that the domain this site is served from automatically changes to Don’t be alarmed, it’s the same site, Daniel has simply decided to have the primary domain be based on his blog’s codename / title rather than his ‘vanity’ domain. In part this makes the site more flexible if it becomes a collaborative effort, or should this become a ‘going concern’ (business).

Moving Site

The site is mostly down for a little while as I am moving the site to a new back-end. If I had been worried that there were many visitors at this time I would have prepped on a separate staging instance, but that seems like overkill for this site.

Contact Form Was Broken

Apologies to those over the past few days (December 24 to December 27) who have gotten the contact success message. The contact form was actually broken due to moving hosting and missing updating the contact form logic. The contact form will not be available for a few days but you can email user ‘contact’ at… Continue reading Contact Form Was Broken

Archives: Linux Network Monitoring

I’ve added back my Linux Network Monitoring presentation from the archives. It’s almost fifteen (15) years old but some of the software discussed is still used for open source monitoring (although with updates). The document conversion wasn’t terribly exciting as this presentation used DocBook XML rather than SGML. It’s based on the docbook-slides stylesheet, but… Continue reading Archives: Linux Network Monitoring

Archives: A Conversion From DocBook SGML 3.x

I’ve added an undergraduate AI project I wrote called A Study of Selected Algorithms Against the Sherlock and Zebra Problems. It was an interesting exercise as the original report was written in DocBook, but an older version (3.x; the SGML variant) than is readily available nowadays. The document required some work to achieve conversion for… Continue reading Archives: A Conversion From DocBook SGML 3.x