Windows in a Libvirt KVM VM

These are some updated personal notes about setting up the Windows side of a nice combined Windows and Linux productivity and development environment in Virtual Machine running under Libvirt Qemu/KVM (that is with Linux as the host OS). It uses open source software combined with some key proprietary pieces on a single machine. It is important to note this environment is geared to those who are used to the Linux ecosystem and also want to use or try the new hybrid model.

Building Old Software on Armel on Linux x64 (amd64)

The cross-compilation toolchains builtin to most
modern Linux distributions do not support older versions of GCC. For old kernels (and other software) that require GCC4 or lower for building, this poses a challenge. One either needs to build a cross-compilation toolchain or use virtualization. This article describes setting up a virtual ARM environment for doing armel (ARMv5) compilation using docker containers.